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I’ve seen the destruction of addiction. I’ve seen what it does to the addicted and to those who love them.

The addict becomes unrecognizable – a mere shell of their former selves. They spend their days with others who are just as sick and just as lost.


Loved ones suffer too - they become entangled in interactions shrouded in suspicion, dishonesty, sadness, irrationality, anger, and fear. But there always remains a fleeting hope.


Every moment is a crossroad. Addicts are also people who hold dreams of their own, who desperately seek connection but over time the life force inside them becomes more and more anesthetized.


Seahorse is a film about the complexities of being a woman and a mother challenged by the torment of addiction. It is an enormous battle to stay sober and to find oneself again while struggling to cope with the wreckage of relationships.


If we are a society in search of healing, we must know the stories of the marginalized among us. Seahorse hopes to remind us of the dignity and humanity of addicts, and all who live at the edges.


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